1. At 907 Car Rental, we aim to provide you with the best quality service possible. We appreciate your business.

2. When you pick up the vehicle, we require proof of insurance for the Rental Car Coverage and a valid driver’s license.

3. 8% of the Municipality of Anchorage Rental Car Tax and 10% of the State of Alaska Rental Car Taxes will be added to all Rental Charges.

4. The car renters are welcome to utilize their rental car insurance coverage. The Car Renter’s Insurance Company may cover all or only part of the financial liability for the rented Vehicle. Car Renter should check with their insurance company regarding their coverage and what they are and are not liable for. The Car Renter is fully responsible for all repair or replacement costs up to the Vehicle’s value if the Renter’s insurance company does not cover the rental Vehicle or the renter/s hasn’t purchased adequate Rental Car Insurance Coverage. The Renter is responsible for all collision damage to the Vehicle regardless of whether someone else is at fault or the cause is unknown.

5. Only the person(s) listed on this Car Rental Agreement above twenty-one may drive this Vehicle.

6. No smoking of any sort is allowed in the Vehicle. Renter/s will be fully liable for all costs to restore the Vehicle to its original condition for any smoking or foul odor in the Vehicle.

7. Renter/s is/are liable for any or all incidental damages, including traffic violations (Parking Tickets, etc.).

8. Vehicle must be returned reasonably clean (Otherwise, a Cleaning charge will apply)

9. The Renter has inspected the Vehicle, Tires, and windshield and noted and acknowledged any existing damage before renting the Vehicle.

10. The Renter will use the type of fuel for the Vehicle as indicated/instructed by the Rental Company.

11. The Car Renter is responsible for all lost car keys, flat tires, and a lockout situation.

12. The Vehicle must be returned with the fuel level as indicated at the time of the rental. Otherwise, $8.00 per gal fuel cost will be charged to the Renter.

13. The Vehicle must be returned at the drop-off time per the rental agreement. Otherwise, the Renter will be liable for additional charges.

14. The rental company reserves the right to exchange the Vehicle with a similar vehicle due to any mechanical issue. The Renter may not receive any refund due to any early return. The Rental Company reserves the right to exchange the Vehicle for another similar vehicle due to any unforeseen event.

15. Any reservation must be canceled 30 days before the trip starts for a full refund.

16. Our Physical Location is about 9 Miles from the Ted Steven Anchorage Int’l Airport. We offer vehicle drop-off/pickup within a 15-mile radius from our Physical Location at 12400 Northern Raven Drive, Anchorage, including Int’l Airport free of charge. When you land in Anchorage, please call or text us at 907 888 8100. After you collect your luggage, we will see you outside the baggage claim to give you the Vehicle. If your flight is late or your pickup time is changed, please let us know in advance. We could arrange Vehicle drop-off/pickup outside the Anchorage area for an additional cost, but please call us to get a quote.

17. The rental Vehicle needs to be picked up and dropped off at the location per the rental agreement; otherwise, additional charges may apply to the rental cost.