2018 LEXUS NX 200T 4X4 STANDARD SUV--upto 5 seats, Standard Size Trunk

Unlimited Miles. We offer free pickup/drop-off in the Anchorage area, including the airport. We could arrange pickup/drop-off outside the Anchorage area for an additional fee.

2018 Lexus Nx 200T, All Wheel Drive is one of our Luxury SUV with power windows and power seats, Leather seats, with all modern amenities. A perfect SUV for Alaskan Vacations !! Total of 5 Seats !! We also offer a Hitch-Mounted Luggage rack if you need more space. All our Vehicles are well maintained and run/drive like new. We also offer Child seats and coolers for rent. All our vehicles are well maintained and run/drive like new.

All-wheel Drive/4x4
Starting from $ 99.00

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